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Some clients my have questions about various skin and hair care concerns in between visits. Here are some pointers that will get you through the work week until you are “perfected” again at the shop.

  • Hair Grooming: Keep scalp and hair clean and groomed daily to avoid oil and skin build up on the scalp. This provides a cleaner surface for a hair cut at your next visit as well. Use a light moisturizing agent such as Jonny B Original Hair Gel. It keeps hair in place with a light texture and rinses out easily with no build up! Its what I use on your hair at the shop. Ask for a bottle on your next visit!
  • Facial Hair: Keep Facial hair groomed and clean on a daily basis. This helps the hair to grow evenly and keeps the skin beneath moisturized as to avoid ingrown hairs and break-outs.
  • Skin Care Tips for Men: Moisturize and exfoliate daily! Yes this means your face too. Using a terry cloth with warm water and mils soap can keep skin in prime shape for your cut.
  • Razor bumps are common problem for men with curly hair because the hair can grow back into the skin after being cut. This causes swelling and possible damage to the skin and surrounding tissue if infection occurs. If you suspect that you may have an ingrown hair, immediately take action. Using a product such as Skin Tight on the effected are will greatly decrease irritation and inflammation. This in turn will encourage healing of the tissue that surrounded the ingrown hair and make it easy to remove with sterilized tweezers or a terry cloth. Follow instructions on product label. Or make an appointment to come by the shop.
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